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Eldan Recycling is a leading supplier of modern recycling equipment. We give our customers the best possible tools to succeed with their business, and we are recognised worldwide for it. During the years, we have supplied equipment to some of the largest recycling companies in the world, helping them making recycling a successful and profitable business. We have also assisted companies entering the recycling industry to build up a state of the art recycling facility. Throughout 60 years we have installed more than 1300 complete systems and 8000 single machines to customers in 70 countries. That is a track record which is hard to beat! Our product range cover machines as well as standard and tailored recycling solutions for processing of tyres, cables, electronic waste (WEEE), aluminium, refrigerators, household waste (MSW) and magnesium. We are however not limited to these waste types, but have also solutions for processing of e.g. windmill wings, pocket mattresses and casino coins.
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