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Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

Oil in Water Monitors

Fresno, California, United States

About Company:

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is unparalleled in fluorescence expertise for the measurement of hydrocarbons in water and soil. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our worldwide exposure, product development, and distribution network. We have more UVF and visible fluorescence monitors in service for oil in water measurement than all fluorescence monitor competition combined. Detection limits for crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and fuel oils have been demonstrated as low as 10 ppb (ug/L) in distilled water. We routinely customize our systems to meet highly specialized monitoring projects especially in the offshore oil production market. We provide highly skilled field support from a global dealer network. Service personnel are deployed from regional support centers in North America, Asia, Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East.
  1. Hand Held Oil in Water Analyzers and method development

  2. Continuous on-line oil in water monitors for all industries

  3. UV fluorescence technology

  4. EZ Access Falling Stream Flow Cell

  5. 4100 E09 Electronics Package