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F&J Specialty Products, Inc.

The Nucleus of Quality Air Monitoring Programs

About Company:

For over three decades, F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. has been leading the field in the design and manufacture of high performance advanced technology digital airflow calibration and air sampling systems utilized in the nuclear power industry. Operating from its Florida facilities in the USA, it serves customers on a global scale in six continents. With the ability to supply microprocessor-controlled instruments to the air monitoring specialists of radiation protection departments, F&J provides equipment that is more accurate, reliable and automated while introducing monetary savings in the operation, calibration and training functions necessary to support radiation protection air monitoring programs and environmental health and safety programs. Today, most of F&J’s products are manufactured to internationally recognized product safety standards and many bear the UL/CSA certification for North America, or the CE mark for the European Community product safety standards.
  1. Air Flow Calibrators, Air Samplers

  2. Radioiodine Collection Filter Cartridges (RICF)

  3. Filter Holders, Filter Paper

  4. Radon Products

  5. Calibration Services ***Under Construction***