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Dutch Incinerators BV

Convert your waste to heat & power. Engineered for a cleaner tomorrow.

Hulst, Zeeland, Netherlands The

About Company:

Dutch Incinerators’ specialism is the incineration business, and more in particular the thermal treatment of hazardous, chemical, toxic and (bio)medical waste streams. We build multipurpose incinerators that turn refuse waste into energy. Energy recovery through waste incineration turns out as one of the most advanced alternative solutions in waste recovery. Waste recovery fits perfectly in a circular economy. It diminishes landfilling drastically, is very advantageous economically and considerably reduces the ecological footprint. Dutch Incinerators has built an impeccable reputation as an exceptional technical problem solver in the incineration industry. We know all strengths and weaknesses of any incinerator system and design/build our own DI-incinerators accordingly, from a single piece to a complete process, with top-notch quality materials.
  1. Rotary kiln incinerator

  2. Flue gas scrubbers

  3. Waste heat recovery, Waste moving systems

  4. Plant automation

  5. Auxiliary equipment