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Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi)

The World Leader in Optical Sensor Innovation

About Company:

Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi) is the leader in remote sensing advanced optical weather & environmental sensors and systems. Our innovative optical technology has a wide variety of applications. from road weather to flow monitoring flow in smokestacks. Customers can rely on our instruments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We serve an international community of users on all seven continents. You will find OSi products in such diverse locations as the South Pacific and Antarctica. Our clients include multinational corporations, power plants, petrochemical refineries, airports, universities, all branches of the military, Federal government agencies, and small local governments. Our products have a solid track record of high performance and ultra-high reliability. For example, our 1100 Present Weather sensors fielded for NWS/FAA in the early 90’s are all still working 25 years later! That’s reliability you can take to the bank!
  1. Atmosphere & Turbulence, Automated Weather Stations

  2. Emissions Flow Monitoring

  3. Hydromet-Agrimet

  4. Process Control

  5. Weather Sensors