Steam Turbine Condensing Steam Turbine

Kawasaki's Industrial Steam Turbine has met many customers' needs for power generation use mainly.

Since 1956, Kawasaki has used its long and extensive turbine experience to expand its manufacturing record up to 340 units amounting to 4,800 MW.

Exhaust steam is cooled and returned to the water by the condenser.

The extraction steam system (using steam from the intermediate stage of Steam Turbine) can be designed.

For generator coupling, Reduction-gear coupled type is applied to the small capacity model, and the direct-coupled type is applied to the middle and large capacity models.

Kawasaki's Industrial Steam Turbine can apply many steam conditions, and meet customers' demand and/or request of electricity and heat demand.

  • Originally Own Developed Technology and Manufacturing

  • High Reliability and Sufficient Experience

  • High Efficiency and Performance

  • Excellent Maintenance Service

Condensing Steam Turbine Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Min. Inlet Steam Pressure (MPaG)
  • Max. Inlet Steam Pressure (MPaG)
  • Min. Inlet Steam Condition
  • Max. Inlet Steam Temperature (C)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries


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