High-Efficiency Double-Effect Steam Absorption Chiller 560EXA 560EXSA

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The successful achievement of a steam consumption rate of 3.5 kg/h・RT. Constitutes the highest level of energy efficiency in the industry,*1 and allows to excel in reducing operating costs in applications such as production processes and clean rooms where they operate for long period of time. *1 In the case of a double-effect unit Operating costs saved by 9 million (JPY) per annum (compared with conventional model V series / 500RT); energy efficiency improved by 20% and operating costs saved by 12 million (JPY) per annum by replacing the chiller that have been used for 15 years. This double-effect steam absorption chiller uses a 2-stage evaporation and absorption cycle and plate heat exchanger. As a result, it reduces heat loss and achieves high efficiency easily while assuring high reliability and long life with a low concentration cycle.

  • Chiller operation and maintenance control is supported while assuring the reliability and durability to a high level, and improving the operability and maintainability. 4,000 hours of annual operation is supported as a standard

  • Operation management is supported by highly functional microcomputer control panel and offering a remote monitoring service (option)

  • High operability and maintainability

  • Capable of Cooling water variable-flow system (option)

560EXA 560EXSA Specifications:

  • Chilled Water Flow Rate (m3/hr)
  • Cooling capacity (kw)
  • Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)
  • Chilled water inlet temperature (℃)
  • Cooling water inlet temperature (℃)
  • Cooling water outlet temperature (℃)
  • more information
    Steam consumption rate: 3.5-3.53 kg/h・RT for EXA
  • Steam pressure (Mpa)
  • cop
  • series
  • cooling water flow rate (m3/hr)
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