Gas-fired Absorption Chiller 500EXAJE

Greatly diminished gas consumption rate by increased the amount of waste hot water recovery By increasing the amount of the waste heat recovered, fuel reduction rate of 40% has been achieved and gas consumption has been cut dramatically. Moreover, the chiller can be operated with wasted hot water only, under low load condition (approx. 58% or lower). Utilizing waste hot water during heating mode can simplify the system design (option) By placing a plate heat exchanger used for heating on the Gene-Link side, waste heat can be utilized during heating mode. This obviates the need*1) for a heat exchanger for heating at the facility side, and helps to simplify the system and can cut 55% to 69% of the gas consumption rate for heating. Use of hot water-heated solar heat In addition to the waste hot water of cogeneration systems, solar heat can also be used.

  • During partial load operations, priority is given to the use of waste hot water so the amount of gas consumed can be significantly reduced.

  • The input of waste hot water reduces gas consumption by approx. 40% during rated cooling operations.

500EXAJE Specifications:

  • Chilled Water Flow Rate (m3/hr)
  • Cooling capacity (kw)
  • Cooling capacity (Operation with waste hot water only) (kw)
  • Fuel or steam reduction rate %
  • Heating capacity (kw)
  • Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)
  • Chilled water inlet temperature (℃)
  • Cooling water inlet temperature (℃)
  • Cooling water outlet temperature (℃)
  • series
  • cooling water flow rate (m3/hr)
  • min waste hot water temperature (℃)
  • max waste hot water temperature (℃)
  • cop
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Hitachi Cooling & Heating

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