Non Reheat Steam Turbine MT20

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Ansaldo Energia

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Non reheat steam turbines are efficient, flexible and reliable machines based on a broad design platform, capable of

satisfying a wide range of steam cycles, site conditions and operating modes for both 50 and 60 Hz applications.

In combined cycle, they can easily be adapted for different gas turbine configurations (number and models) and steam


In cogeneration applications, these turbines (either back pressure or condensing, with or without controlled extractions)

can be profitably used in industrial, desalination and district heating power plants. Each cogeneration steam turbine,

because of the specific process that dictates the steam parameters and turbine design, is a unique product tailored to

meet the Customer’s precise needs.

  • Different size last stage blade of coupled or free standing design are suitably selected for air or water cooled condenser.

  • Easy access to maintenance activities is ensured by compact overall dimensions.

  • Synchro-Self-Shifting (SSS) clutch is available for connection to the generator for single shaft applications

  • ​For smaller ratings, where a single flow exhaust is sufficient, a compact single cylinder machine, consisting of a combined HP/LP section, is the natural solution.

  • For larger ratings, the design concept is based on two or more cylinders: an High Pressure (HP) section and one or more double flow Low Pressure (LP) sections depending on exhaust conditions.

MT20 Specifications:

  • Max. Inlet Steam Temperature (C)

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

  • Inlet temperature (°C)

  • Cylinder n.

    Two or more cylinders with double flow LP section(s)

Non Reheat Steam Turbine