Micro plate heat exchanger XB05X Cu

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We have consolidated the Danfoss and SONDEX® brazed solutions into a single, combined plate heat exchanger portfolio. Through our new, second-to-none product range we can offer you complete coverage with quality heat exchangers that are optimized for each individual application.

We customize our brazed heat exchangers according to your specifications. We offer a choice of copper, copper+, or stainless steel brazing materials. Our Fishbone and Micro Plate™ patterns are available with different corrugations appropriate for any given task. The adaptable design of our brazed heat exchangers makes a variety of connection options possible (including the number of connections, their sizes, types, and positions). The optimal amount of plates in a plate pack is determined based on the specifications of the application.

  • Energy and cost savings

  • Better heat transfer

  • Lower pressure loss

  • More flexible design

  • Longer life time

XB05X Cu Specifications:

  • Series
  • Fluid
    Circulation water - glycolic water - ethylene - propylene-glycolic water- ethanol-water solutions
  • Industries
    Solar heating - Oil units - Heat recovery Engine cooling - Evaporation and condensing - Desuperheating - Process cooling - Hydraulic oil cooling - Laser cooling
  • Max. Design Temperature (C)
  • Min. Design Temperature (C)
  • Max. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Plate Material
    Stainless steel, EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • Maximum Length (mm)
  • Minimum Length (mm)
  • Max. Number of Plates
  • Min. Number of Plates
  • Max. Plate Width (mm)
  • Max. Plate Height (mm)
  • Cover Material
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