Grid-Tied Turbines Micro Regen

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Microregen turbines allow you to recover energy from excess pressure where it does not exceed 25kW of usable electrical power. The turbines can be installed directly in-line on existing pipes and work under variable hydraulic conditions. Some features of this turbine are: Cast iron housing, cast iron impeller (bronze or stainless steel options available), tempered steel shaft (stainless steel option available), DPAF sealing elements, asbestos free.

  • Compact, robust and adaptable

  • Works on backpressure and variable hydraulic conditions

  • Aligned input and output

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • It may be possible to adapt the materials, by request.

Micro Regen Specifications:

  • Max head (m)
  • Power (kW)
  • Max. Flow Rate (m^3/hr)
  • Min head (m)
  • Min. Flow Rate (m^3/hr)

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