Tidal Turbines Free Flow

FishFlow Innovations’ Free Flow Turbine makes it possible to generate clean, renewable hydro power at uniquely high efficiency. The innovative and patented design also makes the turbine fish friendly and silent. The turbine can withstand the incredible forces occurring at open sea. The revolutionary design saves on construction costs which makes it possible to generate electrical energy at a very competitive price per kWh. The big advantage of a bi-directional turbine is that there is no need for the impeller blades to be flipped over when the flow direction changes. This makes the design robust, cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain and a lot less susceptible to malfunction. Also will a bi-directional turbine on average generate double the electric energy than a uni-directional turbine will generate, which only functions during ebb or flood.

  • Fish friendly & low noise production

  • Bi-directional for tidal power

  • Storm proof

  • Low price per kWh

  • Easy placement (inshore and offshore) & easy maintenance (few moving parts)

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FishFlow Innovations

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