Micro Plate Heat Exchanger H62L-C

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The H62L-C is a condenser optimised for R410A for use in high-efficiency heat pumps with capacities of 4-40 kW.

The heat exchanger features innovative Micro Plate technology that improves heat transfer and reduces the amount of material used.

To meet demands for higher COPs in heat pumps, the H62L-C is designed to work efficiently with close temperature approaches. The H62L-C is approved to 48 bar to cope with high water temperature applications such as the renovation market.

The design has been verified with regards to the defrost operation cycle. The low hold-up volume reduces the refrigerant charge and offers valuable savings.

  • Minimal hold-up volume: Less refrigerant charge

  • High heat transfer: For a more efficient heat pump

  • Smaller footprint: Enabling more compact heat pumps

  • Reduced CO2 footprint: Environmentally friendly with high heat transfer and minimal refrigerant charge.

H62L-C Specifications:

  • Max. Capacity (kW)
  • Max. Design Temperature (C)
  • Min. Design Temperature (C)
  • Max. Design Pressure (bar)
  • Min. Capacity (kW)
  • Plate Material
    AISI 316L
  • Max. Plate Width (mm)
  • Max. Plate Height (mm)
  • Cover Material
    AISI 304L
Danfoss A/S

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