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Tidal turbines are best described as underwater wind mills, but with shorter blades rotating at slower speed.The rated output of the devices depends on the water current conditions at a selected site. For maximum energy yield from the available resources the turbines can be easily combined in arrays consisting of several units. Designed for water depths of between 35 and 100 m, the tidal turbines are deployed on the seabed and kept in position by gravity, pins or pilings (depending on the seabed and tidal stream characteristics). This eliminates any visual or audible impact 3 above the surface and, in addition, normal shipping traffic will not be affected by the presence of the tidal arrays. The horizontal axis turbines are equipped with a speciallydesigned pitching system allowing optimal harnessing of tidal currents in both ebb and flood directions. The whole substructure is designed to have a small footprint while the nacelle is optimize to minimize the wake effect caused by the water flows. Unique marine installation methodologies have been developed to minimize installation times and to exclude the use of divers, requiring only the support of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) for monitoring purposes. ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest tidal turbines are designed to generate power from water currents with a speed of 1 m/s or more.

  • Suitable for use in coastal waters

  • Suitable for use in coastal waters

  • Reliable operation and maintenance

  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance

  • Optimized turbine control and energy yield by variable-speed blade pitching mechanism and nacelle yawing system

ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Design life (yr.)
  • Rotor diameter (m)
  • Starting tidal speed (m/s)
  • Weight (t)
ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest (UK) Limited

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