Centrifugal Pump APH

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The AHP and AHP-DS range Gabbioneta Pumps TM are heavy-duty process multistage pumps, horizontal, between bearings, volute type pumps, with an axial split casing that allow easy internal inspectability and maintenance and single or double entry 1st stage impeller. Opposed impellers configuration allow minimising axial thrust.

  • Geometry of pump components optimized through hydraulic, structural, thermal and dynamic F.E.M. analysis to guarantee high product reliability

  • Opposed impeller and diffuser configuration to minimise axial and radial hydraulic thrusts

  • Large eye single suction or double suction 1st stage impeller to meet low NPSH requirements

  • Hydraulic performances checked on a Single Stage Test Equipment. This is particularly useful to verify the effective 1st stage NPSH

  • Easy internal inspect ability and maintenance in Central and lateral balancing drums adequately shaped to optimize pump rotor dynamic behavior and minimize axial thrusts

APH Specifications:

  • Type
  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • API
  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • Max head (m)
  • Max flow (m3/h)
  • Max. temperature (C)
  • Minimum Temperature (C)
Trillium Flow Technologies™

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