Tidal Turbine Kepler THAWT

The Kepler Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT) is designed to be operated either in arrays or in stand-alone form. It is highly effective and efficient in terms of extracting the maximum power from given stretches of tidal or river current. Theoretical analysis and modelling, confirmed by testing, has shown outputs several times higher than those achievable by propeller type turbines placed in the same site. This advantage arises from (1) the greater rectangular swept area of a THAWT rotor compared with the depth limited circular swept areas of multiple propeller type rotors and (2) the fact that greater powers can be extracted from tidal flows by optimising the blockage ratio (swept area of turbine divided by flow area). Theoretical analysis has shown that, because of the free water surface in tidal flows, tidal turbines, unlike wind turbines, are not subject to the Betz power limit. The THAWT rotor design is better suited to this optimisation than conventional propeller type turbines.

  • The structure itself is novel, the blades themselves being configured so that the turbine rotor (called a triangulated stressed truss) needs no enveloping supporting structure

  • The basic generating unit comprises two turbines with a central direct drive generator, with only four supporting bearings and three foundation supports required

  • The turbine is scalable to suit different marine sites

  • Simple in design (Only one rotating unit, with no yaw mechanism, no complex pitch changing mechanisms and with electrical equipment in a dry column)

Kepler THAWT Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Rotor diameter (m)
  • Tidal speed for rated power (m/s)
Kepler Energy

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