Medium-Voltage Switchgear 25 KV_PSE Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Switchgear

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Federal Pacific Manual Dead-Front Type PSE Pad-Mounted Switchgear meets or exceed all ratings in IEEE C37.74 and with UL® listing of both 15 kV and 25 kV models. The enclosure provides increased security of fuse and switch components from environmental concerns and enhanced isolation of medium-voltage circuits to limit exposure of operating personnel.

Federal Pacific PSE pad-mounts feature a low-profile, heavy-gauge enclosure with cross-kinked roof to eliminate potential for standing water. Stainless-steel hinges and hinge pins combined with padlockable, self-resetting, three-point auto-latch door security system assures durability while controlling access to the interior.

Double-door construction allows clear access to elbow terminations. Ground rods that are full width of door opening make grounding of circuits and installation of surge arresters easy to achieve using shotgun clampstick. Enclosure bottom flange includes gasketing to isolate and protect the finish during installation and throughout the service life of the switchgear. Galvanized-steel floor plate on bottom of compartment containing medium-voltage components isolates interior from moisture and ingress of other contaminates.

25 KV_PSE Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Switchgear Specifications:

  • Voltage Up to (kV)
  • Continuous Current Up to (A)
  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)
    125 kV
  • Max. Rated Withstand Current (kA)
  • Rated Short-Circuit Making Current (BREAKER) (KA)
Federal Pacific

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