Marine Gas Turbine AG9140

Providing 3,000 kW of power, the AG9140 is in service with three US Navy ship classes, as well as the South Korean Navy and Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force. With more than 200 AG9140 gensets provided to the Arleigh Burke class, the US Navy’s longest running programme, the AG9140 is a proven, reliable on-board electrical power generator. The AG9140 uses the 501-K34 gas turbine, derived from T56 that powers the C130 Hercules. Features include a redundant independent mechanical start using the A250-KS4 mechanical starter, enabling a black ship start from two 12-volt batteries.

AG9140 Specifications:

  • Dimensions [L × W × H] (mm)
  • Power (MW)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Width (m)
  • Height (m)
  • length (m)

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