Pressure Recovery Turbines KDA-200H

Top Recovery Turbine (TRT) is the Energy-saving equipment used for a blast furnace of steel plants, which has the following two functions. One is to control the top pressure of a blast furnace, and the other is to generate electric power by driving a turbine using blast furnace gas generated in a blast furnace.

Kawasaki has acted as the pioneer and the leading supplier of this TRT and played a role of energy-saving and environmental improvement of worldwide steel mills by the supply of this TRT.

  • Originally Own Developed Technology and Manufacturing

  • High Reliability and Sufficient Experience

  • Less Noise by Adopting Full-Closing Type Stator Blade Control System

  • Excellent Performance of Blast Furnace Top Pressure Control

  • High Efficiency

KDA-200H Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Type
  • Max. Allowable Gas Temperature (℃)
  • Max. Allowable Gas Pressure(Mpa⋅G)
  • Design Point Inlet Gas Temperature (℃)
  • Design Point Inlet Gas Pressure(Mpa⋅G)
  • Design Point Outlet Gas Pressure (Mpa⋅G)
  • Design Point Gas Humidity (% for Wet) (kg/kg for Dry)
  • Max. Design Point Gas Flow Rate (km3N/h-dry)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries

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