Agitator™ Fishing System 6 3/4 in. High Flow

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The Agitator™ fishing system greatly increases the likelihood of retrieving stuck objects where overpull and jarring alone have not been successful. The Agitator fishing system reduces friction downhole by creating gentle axial oscillating motion, disengaging with the formation. When added to your fishing BHA, this functionality is complementary to the fishing jar, and the Agitator fishing system can be used either with or without jarring. Whereas jarring generates a large single impact force, the Agitator fishing system generates a lower tensile force at a much higher frequency with a net increase in total energy applied to the fish. Agitation frequencies typically vary from 13 to 19 cycles per second (Hertz) depending on the tool size and flow rate.

  • Achieves results in previously failed fishing attempts

  • Significantly increases rate of success for retrieval of stuck BHAs and pipe

  • Eliminates expensive cementing and sidetracking operations

  • Strength and frequency of the oscillations is customizable to your operation

  • Reduces non-productive rig time and time spent fishing

6 3/4 in. High Flow Specifications:

  • Overall length (ft)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Min. Recommended Flow Range (gpm)
  • Max. Recommended Flow Range (gpm)
  • Temperature range (C)
  • Min. Operating Frequency (Hz)
  • Max. Operating Frequency (Hz)
  • Min. Operational Pressure drop generated (psi)
  • Max. Operational Pressure drop generated (psi)
  • Max. Pull to yield (lbs)
  • Max. pull for agitation (lbs)
  • Max. Weight for Agitation (lbs)
  • Connections
    4-1/2 in. IF pin/box
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National Oilwell Varco

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