Appalachia Watertube Boiler 200

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The Appalachia open bottom A-Type watertube boiler is available for pressurized or balanced draft operation. It can be shipped as a self-contained, fully assembled unit. Superior Boiler also custom designs the boiler “knocked down” for site assembly. The boiler is custom designed for firing either natural gas, oil, or solid fuel. The boiler’s convection bank tube spacing is designed for moderate gas velocities

  • Rectangular Furnace

  • Gas outlet at top front

  • Open bottom units suitable for solid fuel firing

  • Available as a Modular Boiler System

  • available for pressurized or balanced draft operation

200 Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Gas, oil, solid fuel
  • Pressure (bar)
  • Max. temperature (C)
  • Series
  • Max. Height (mm)
  • Max. Width (mm)
  • length (mm)
  • Output Capacity (Kg/hr)
Superior Boiler Works, Inc.

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