Distribution Relays DT-3000

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DT-3000 is most commonly used as primary feeder circuit protection, but may be applied as the transformer primary protection or as backup to the differential protection. With the DT-3000 you get independent phase and ground measuring circuits, as well as ampmeter and peak demand functions. DT-3000 relays also boast eleven time overcurrent characters including ANSI, IEC and thermal protection curves.

  • Complete metering, protection, and control in a single compact case reduces panel space, wiring, and costs.

  • Selectable trip characteristics simplify ordering and reduce inventory.

  • Zone selective interlocking improves coordination and tripping time, and saves money compared to a traditional bus differential scheme.

  • Conformal Coating allows for a prolonged life when exposed to chemically corrosive and humid environments.

  • Integral ampmeter and display replaces separate meter and switch, which saves panel space, wiring, and money.

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