Motor Relays MD-3000

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The MD-3000 protective relay provides differential current protection for motors and generators. It is most commonly used as motor differential protection relay. The MD-3000 is a panel-mounted microprocessor-based self-balancing differential current relay, designed for both ANSI and IEC applications. This self-contained device operates from either AC or DC control power and provides true RMS (root-means-square) sensing of each phase differential current.

  • A 3-phase instantaneous overcurrent trip and configurable trip outputs offer self-balancing differential system protection.

  • Conformal Coating prolongs life when exposed to chemically corrosive and humid environments.

  • Independently programmed phase current transformer ratios allow for specific distribution system requirement configuration.

  • A sealed, hinged access cover on the front of the relay provides for programming and test mode security.

  • Field testing capabilities are easily accessible from the front panel, making the unit more user friendly.

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