air-wather advance chillers EQP4X

Xsystem - Polyvalent ecological system with air condensation and axial fans. Series of hermetic compressors type scroll and refrigerant gas R410A.(AIR-WATER POLYVALENT SYSTEM 4 TUBES)

  • Compressor: hermetic rotary scroll type with thermal protection and crankcase heater

  • Up to 6 highly efficient partialization stages with partial loads

  • Air side exchanger: finned coil with tubes copper and aluminium fins

  • Control: microprocessed electronic with Adaptive logic Function Plus

  • Magnetothermic switches, compressors and fans, antifreeze resistance exchangers

EQP4X Specifications:

  • Refrigerant
  • min Cooling capacity (kw)
  • max Cooling capacity (kw)
  • min Heating capacity (kw)
  • max Heating capacity (kw)

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