Positive displacement pump GEHO® TZPM

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The GEHO® TZPM pump is a crankshaft driven three cylinder single-acting piston diaphragm pump. The unique preformed GEHO® diaphragm protects piston and liner from abrasive slurry contact. Abrasive ore and tailings slurries and dirty mine water are handled highly efficient (up to 96%) and the pumps ensure a high availability up to 98%.

  • Designed for pumping solids/liquid mixtures and high pressures/high heads

  • Heavy duty industrial pump

  • Diaphragm protects piston and liner from contact with abrasive slurry

  • High availability; continuous duty 24/7

  • Low energy consumption due to very high efficiency up to 96%

GEHO® TZPM Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • Max flow (m3/h)
  • Min flow (m3/h)
  • Max. temperature (C)
  • Minimum Temperature (C)
  • Max. Power (kW)
  • MIN. power (Kw)

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