submersible pump Hazleton® VDM

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When the application calls for high-volume and/or high head vertical pumps, the practical solution is the use of the Hazleton® vertical, double-suction, Twin-Volute VDM. Designed for liquid handling in large volumes the VDM is manufactured in wear resistant materials and can handle up to 5% solids content in the pumped liquid. The Twin-Volute casing design balances the radial loads created by the impeller and casing in the most efficient manner. The double suction design balances the hydraulic axial thrust.

  • Double suction intake desgin for high capacites and reduced wear rates

  • Twin-Volute casing design provides balanced radial thrust

  • Fully enclosed and accessible line shaft and pump bearings, and models can be made in custom lengths

  • Impeller ring/floating casing ring design provides effective seal for high-head applications

  • Impeller is keyed and positively locked to the shaft

Hazleton® VDM Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • Max head (m)
  • Max. discharge size (mm)
  • Max flow (m3/h)
  • Min. discharge size (mm)
  • Max. temperature (C)

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