Hot water boiler N 1890

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Steel hot water generator with pressurised combustion, ready for operation in combination with a jet burner on liquid or gas fuel. Pressurised combustion chamber, completely cooled and protected by a system ensuring uniform division of the cold system return water, to avoid dangerous temperature differences. The burner is not aligned with the combustion chamber but rather has been moved downwards. This assists flame reversal, reduces the flue gas pressure drop and consequently extends the hot water generator’s range of application. Front door with reversible opening(right and left) and innovative closing system with micrometric adjustment on the hot water generator front plate. Up to model 940 the door is insulated with double lining, made up of one layer of fibre and one layer of Carbowool, while higher output models use a double layer of refractory concrete and insulation.

  • Standard efficiency

  • Completely cooled combustion chamber, sized to ensure low heating loads.

  • Furnace with flame reversal and low heating load

  • Certifications: Gas Appliances (2009/142 EEC, Efficiency (92/42 EEC), Low Voltage (2014/35/EU), Electromagnetic Compatibility (2014/30/EU)

N 1890 Specifications:

  • Pressure (bar)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • design
    three pass
  • Series
  • Max. Height (mm)
  • Max. Width (mm)
  • length (mm)
  • Boiler Output (kw)
  • Fuel
    Gas, oil, diesel burner
Ferroli S.p.A.

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