Superheated water boiler ASH 3500

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Superheated water generator with pressurised combustion and high energy efficiency. Ready for operation incombination with a jet burner on liquid or gas fuel. Furnace with flame reversal and combustion chamber with cooled end plate sized to ensure low heating loads. The entire range is divided into two configurations that differ based on operating pressure. These modern-concept and high-efficiency generators have been designed and developed in compliance with European Directive 2014/68/UE (PED) and the most recent national and European standards on pressurised recipients.

  • The PREX N ASH generators are fitted with stainless steel turbulators positioned inside the flue to prevent formation of a stationary layer on the surface

  • The parts subject to pressure are all welded by qualified and IIS approved personnel, according to EN standards

  • Front door with reversible opening and closing system with micrometric adjustment on the front of the boiler

  • Control panel with PLC for specific communication needs to BMS or supervision systems

  • System for up to 72 hours’continuous unsupervised operation

ASH 3500 Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Gas, oil
  • Pressure (bar)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • design
    Three-pass boiler, Floor standing
  • Max. temperature (C)
  • Series
  • Max. Height (mm)
  • Max. Width (mm)
  • length (mm)
  • Boiler Output (kw)
Ferroli S.p.A.

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