Onshore Wind Turbine SG 5.8-170

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The new Siemens Gamesa 5.X onshore platform has its roots in Siemens Gamesa technology, synonymous with innovation, know-how, and reliability accredited through experience. Siemens Gamesa 5.X incorporates proven technologies, minimizing risk and guaranteeing reliability for its two new product models: SG 5.8-155 and SG 5.8-170 wind turbines. These include a doubly-fed generator and partial converter combination, a compact drive train design with a three-stage gearbox, and the use of components widely validated on the other Siemens Gamesa platforms. The result is a wind turbine design that gives optimum performance and LCoE. Siemens Gamesa 5.X goes one step further to become the new generation platform with a high unitary power rating of 5.8 MW combined with two of the largest rotor diameters in the market, 155 and 170 meters, resulting in maximum performance in high-, medium- and low-wind conditions. SG 5.8-155 and SG 5.8-170 turbines mean greater AEP per wind turbine and optimized CAPEX for the project. This is also due to their versatility, with a modular, flexible design for maximum ease of logistics, construction and O&M, as well as reducing the OPEX, which results in a lower Cost of Energy for projects.

  • 5 MW+ power output and large rotor for the most competitive LCoE

  • Integrates proven technology and know-how

  • Flexible design for logistics, construction and service

  • Optimal solution for each project and site can be configured

  • Reliable geared technology

SG 5.8-170 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Rotor diameter (m)
  • Swept area (m^2)
  • Wind class
    Low and medium
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

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