Onshore Wind Turbine GE 3MW-137

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Extending the capability of the Digital Wind Farm to our 3 MW machines, GE’s powerful and efficient 3.2–3.8 platform is adaptable to a full spectrum of wind regimes. The platform includes the 3.6-137, our highest performing turbine for Class III winds. GE has employed selected legacy components with proven performance for the 3 MW platform, helping to ensure the consistent performance and reliability for which GE wind turbines are known. Turbine models within the 3 MW platform share drivetrain and electrical system architecture, with both systems, scaled and upgraded for improved performance and greater energy production, as compared to previous models. GE’s 3 MW platform machines are three-blade, upwind, horizontal axis wind turbines with a rotor diameter ranging from 130 to 137 meters. The turbine rotor and nacelle are mounted on top of a tubular steel tower, with a range of hub height options that includes 85-, 110-, 131.4-, 134- and 164.5-meter variants. The turbines use active yaw control to keep the blades pointed into the wind. The 3 MW platform is engineered to operate at variable speeds and uses a doubly fed asynchronous generator with a partial power converter system.

  • Engineered to meet or exceed the 2.5 MW platform’s historic high availability

  • Available grid-friendly options: Enhanced Reactive Power, Low & Zero Voltage Ride Thru, Power Factor Control, WindFreeReactive Power

  • GE’s patented Advanced Loads Control reduces turbine component load by measuring stresses and individually adjusting blade pitch

  • Wind Farm Control System; WindSCADA

  • Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions

GE 3MW-137 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Frequency (Hz)
    50, 60
  • Rotor diameter (m)
  • IEC class
  • Blade length (m)
  • Hub heights (m)
    85, 110, 131.4, 134, and 164.5
GE Renewable Energy

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