Medium pressure steam boiler 1.5

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Medium pressure saturated steam generator, packaged steel structure with pressurised combustion and high energy efficiency. Ready for operation in combination with a jet burner on liquid or gas fuel. Boiler with three flue passes, combustion chamber with cooled end plate sized to ensure low heating loads. These modern-concept and high-efficiency generators have been designed and developed in compliance with European directive 2014/68/UE (PED) and the most recent national and European standards on pressurised recipients.

  • Amply sized evaporating chamber with large heat exchange area for the production of high quality saturated steam

  • The parts subject to pressure are all welded by qualified and IIS approved personnel, according to EN standards.

  • Ladder and walkway for safe access to the walkable platform on top of the boiler

  • Heat loss to the surrounding environment is limited by a suitable layer of high-density mineral wool insulation on the boiler body

  • Possibility to access the furnace by removing the rear cover plate

1.5 Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Gas, oil, liquid fuels
  • Pressure (bar)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • design
    Three-pass boiler, Floor standing
  • Series
    VP 3G
  • Max. Height (mm)
  • Max. Width (mm)
  • length (mm)
  • Output Capacity (Kg/hr)
  • Boiler Output (kw)