Wind Turbine V117-3.45 MW

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Our 4 MW platform is designed for a broad range of wind and site conditions, onshore and offshore, enabling you to mix turbines across your site or portfolio of sites, delivering industry-leading reliability, serviceability, and exceptional energy capture. On high wind-sites, the V105-3.45 MW™, V112-3.45 MW® and V117-3.45 MW® are excellent turbine choices. A combination of the three variants can optimize your site layout and improve your production significantly. Due to the similar electrical properties, sound emissions, and nacelle design, it is easy to mix and match the turbines from the 4 MW platform to maximize production on heavily constrained sites.

  • Reliable and robust

  • The V117-3.45 MW® IEC IB/IEC IIA is a solid choice for medium or high-wind sites

  • The performance and versatility of the 4 MW platform has been proven with more than 23 GW installed in 44 countries since 2010

  • The Vestas 4 MW platform sets new standards for onshore wind performance within regimes ranging from very strong wind and typhoon conditions to low wind

V117-3.45 MW Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Rotor diameter (m)
  • IEC class
  • Blade length (m)
  • Swept area (m^2)
  • Hub heights (m)
    80, 91.5, and 116.5
  • Cut-in (m/s)
  • Cut-out (m/s)

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