Air cooled liquid chillers 3512

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Packaged air cooled chillers of RAE Kc series are suitable for outdoor installation and can be used to cool pure fluid solutions for air conditioning or in industrial applications. Multiscroll technology allows to reach great efficiency improvements at part load, if compared to the other traditional systems for cooling capacity control. The coupling of high-efficiency finned exchangers and the thermo physical purity of R410A refrigerant, particularly glide-free at state exchanges, allows this range to attain EER nominal values close to 3 with ESEER higher than 4,5. These units have been designed considering limited space requirements and keeping, at the same time, high cooling performances. Such result has been attained with high-quality and up-to-date components. All units are completely assembled and tested in the factory with specific quality procedures and are already equipped with all necessary hydraulic, refrigerant and electrical connections for a quick installation on site. Before factory testing, cooling circuits are tested under pressure and then supplied with R410a refrigerant and a non-freezing oil charge.

3512 Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)
  • Chilled Water Flow Rate (m3/hr)
  • Refrigerant
  • Max. Height (mm)
  • Max. Width (mm)
  • Cooling capacity (kw)
  • Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)
  • Chilled water inlet temperature (℃)
  • series
    RAE Kc
  • length (mm)
  • EER
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Emicon A.C. S.p.A.

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