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Cascade Low Temperature Chillers
Reynold Cascade Chillers are designed and manufactured for low and ultra-low temperature applications. Primary and secondary refrigeration circuits are completely skid mounted and are available in both Water-cooled as well as Air-cooled types. They are designed as per the peculiar applications and fluid specifications and use materials precisely as per the specific process cooling requirements. Complete study of the process and locational parameters to assess peculiarity of the requirement precedes the choice of equipment and accessories being proposed, through an engineering team with specific expertise.
  • The latest most efficient and highly reliable screw and reciprocating compressors from Europe/US/Japan

  • Totally skid mounted units including primary and secondary refrigeration circuits, with the highest possible energy efficiencies

  • Factory made and tested DX and Flooded evaporators, made as per highest international standards of manufacturing

  • Electronic expansion valves for increased efficiency and precise temperature control

  • Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities

reynold Cascade Low Temperature Chillers Specifications:

  • Refrigerant

  • Min Cooling capacity (kW)

  • Max Cooling capacity (kW)

  • Min Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)
  • Max Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)
  • Min Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)

  • Max Chilled water outlet temperature (℃)

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