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Batching Plant Chillers
Reynold Batching Plant Chillers, Batching Plant chiller are customized for concrete mixing and cooling applications with 4oC and 1oC chilled water temperatures, as per the process requirement. The chillers are designed to operate at highly dusty batching sites, within extreme weather conditions, working directly under sun and shower. The major components in the refrigeration circuits are chosen or designed as per the available site conditions and utilities. Complete study of the process to ascertain peculiarity of the requirement, precedes the choice of equipment and accessories being proposed, through an engineering team with specific expertise.

  • Highly reliable reciprocating and screw compressors of European origin

  • Customized design for the lowest possible temperatures of water, with or without energy reservoir

  • Containerized models available, including large sized ice-water storage tank assembly and water pumps

  • Designed to produce ice-water within extreme weather conditions of upto 52oC (4oC / 1oC Ice Water)

  • Weather and dust proof with IP 55 / IP 65 level protection

reynold Batching Plant Chillers Specifications:

  • Refrigerant

  • Min Cooling capacity (kW)

  • Max Cooling capacity (kW)


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