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Shaft Alignment Tool XT770

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The Easy-Laser XT770 shaft alignment tool measuring units utilize dual beam dot-type laser technology with 2-axis square PSD surfaces making it possible to measure larger machine spans and the most advanced alignment applications. As with all Easy-Laser XT alignment tools, perform your standard shaft alignments with precision but now, add any number of machines to your train with the new Machine Train (multi-coupling) program. For larger or more critical machines, like turbines for instance, use measurement methods like Multipoint and Continuous Sweep, or the new EasyTrend program which will give you live monitoring of your machine’s thermal growth – perfect for an offline-to-running measurement application! The new 360° Live adjustment function permits adjustment of your machine both vertically and horizontally at the same time, with measuring units in any position! And if that wasn’t enough, with the addition of another laser, the XT770 shaft alignment tool can perform various types of geometric measurements including straightness, flatness measurement, square, parallel measurement, etc. giving you an all-in-one complete laser measurement system!

  • Advanced Measurement Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Documentation

  • Rugged Design

  • User-Friendly

  • Display Data on Multiple Platforms

XT770 Specifications:

  • Battery type

    Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
  • Min. Operating Temperature (C)

  • Max. Operating Temperature (C)

  • Type of detector

    2 axis TruePSD 20x20 mm [0.79x0.79"]
  • Communication

    BT wireless technology
  • Operating Time

    Up to 24 h continuously
  • Resolution (mm)

  • Error (%)

  • Range (m)

  • Type of Laser

    Diode laser
  • Laser Wavelength Range (nm)
  • Laser class
    Safety class 2
  • Laser Output (mW)
  • Inclinometer Resolution (Degrees)
  • Environment Protection
    IP class 66 and 67
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