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Franke-Filter Oil Mist Separator FF2-777

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An Oil Mist Separator, also called Oil Mist Eliminator or demister, is the technical term for a filter system that is used where power generating engines or turbines operate. The place of installation ranges from power plants, hydro plants and refineries to immediate turbine manufacturers. To ensure trouble-free operation, the turbine bearings are lubricated with oil. During operation of the turbine, the friction of the shaft on the bearings causes servere heat, which is responsible for the formation of very fine oil mist droplets. Without an Oil Mist Separator, these often escape unfiltered into the atmosphere, leaving behind oil films and dirty halls.

Oil Mist Separators from FRANKE-Filter offer a high filtration efficiency and are applicable flexibly worldwide. Due to especially developed microfibre filter cartridges, Oil Mist Eliminators from FRANKE-Filter are maintenance-free for up to 30,000 hours - this corresponds to trouble-free and maintenance-free operation of 2-5 years.

  • Filtration efficiency of 99.9% at 0.1µm

  • Constant vacuum - individually adjustable

  • 30,000 hours maintenance-free operation

  • Quality of lube oil is retained and added back into the tank

  • 1-5 mg/m³ residual oil after filtration

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