MAGNAPLUS Generator/Alternator 431CSL6204-B Class

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The Marathon Generator is a top performer in every respect: offering powerful performance, reliable power generation, and easy installation for prime power and emergency standby applications from 5 kW to 4000 kW. The Marathon Generator brand provides an emphasis on custom, highly engineered solutions that provide real value to customers. Marathon Generator’s products are backed by an experienced customer service and technical support staff available to support customer requirements. Generators are manufactured and inventoried worldwide to meet the needs of our global customer base.

Proven top performers in every respect, MAGNAPLUS® generators offer powerful performance, reliable power generation and easy installation. Ruggedly constructed with solid state technology the SE350 voltage regulator, included with all standard equipment, is a solid performer.

MAGNAPLUS® designs offer an optional, field adaptable, permanent magnet generator which can be coupled with our PM300 or DVR2000 voltage regulators. This flexibility in configurations allows for application to the most demanding installations including loads that produce harmonic distortion as well as those requiring fault current support.

Constructed for extended life by utilizing Marathon's exclusive unirotor construction, UL recognized class H insulation system, and long life bearings. MAGNAPLUS® design are the ideal general-purpose generators for standby as well as prime power markets such as:




Commercial Buildings

Rental Markets

  • Flexible designs allow the construction choices needed

  • Low vibration and long life

  • Conduit box assemblies are optimized to the application

  • High Voltage Insulation System utilizes advanced materials and modern processes resulting in superior performance

  • Unirotor Construction is exclusively available from Marathon Electric

431CSL6204-B Class Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Power (kW)

  • Working Temperature (C)

  • Power Factor

  • Power (kVA)

  • rpm

  • Weight (lbs)

  • List Price ($)

  • Insulation Class

  • Leads Number

  • Voltage (Y)
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