Transformer Arc-reduction VFI transformer

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Eaton’s Cooper Power series Arc-Reduction VFI transformer is built with the intelligence to reduce incident energy in downstream arc flash zones and mitigate the danger posed by power distribution equipment. Utilizing Eaton’s proven Vacuum Fault Interrupter (VFI) technology paired with a microprocessor-based relay system, anomalies are sensed and transmitted through the integral control package to isolate the downstream equipment in 4 cycles or less clearing time, maximizing electrical safety and system reliability.

  • Primary and secondary 50/51 overcurrent protection

  • Self-powered, adjustable differential protection

  • Direct trip to local or remote breakers

  • Eliminates human-to-energized equipment interaction

  • Increases ease of maintenance and asset preservation and decreases annual substation downtime

Arc-reduction VFI transformer Specifications:

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)
    Up to 150 kV
  • Max. Available Power (kVA)
  • Primary Configuration
    Delta or Wye connected
  • Max. Primary Voltage (V)
  • Max. Secondary Voltage (V)
  • Vacuum fault interrupter
    Manual or motor-operated
  • Vacuum fault interrupter rating
    900 A cont up to 35 kV


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