Centrifugal Compressor MSG® TURBO-AIR® 3000 Centrifugal Air Compressor

The MSG TURBO-AIR 3000 was built on a standard frame, featuring highly-engineered air flow component. It is designed for easy, low-cost installation and operation. The MSG TURBO-AIR 3000 was designed with a built-in aftercooler that eliminates the need for a separate pipeline type cooler, and a packaged check valve for faster installation and easier maintenance.

Components include Impellers, Vaned Diffusers, Lubrication System, Intercoolers/Aftercooler, Advanced Pinion Bearing Design, Seals, Horizontally Split Gearbox, Variable Inlet Guide Vanes.

also standard compliances are ISO 8573-1 Class 0, American Petroleum Institute (API), ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004

  • ISO 8573-1 Certified Oil-Free Air; Prevents oil contamination of your system, Limits the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover, Eliminates costly waste disposal problems associated with oil-laden condensate

  • Easy Operation; The MAESTRO™ Universal control panel provides a built-in web server, allowing compressor monitoring using your local intranet, Significant annual savings in operating cost by providing more precise control

  • Simple Installation; True unloading capability helps to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings, Increased uptime compared to alternative technologies translates into reduced operating life-cycle costs, Reduced number of external connections

  • Easy Maintenance; Compression elements do not wear or require periodic replacement, No oil-removal filters to clean or replace, Accessible, Intercooler and aftercooler bundles are easy to remove for inspection and cleaning

MSG® TURBO-AIR® 3000 Centrifugal Air Compressor Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • Max Flow (m3 /min)
  • Min Flow (m3 /min)
  • Max. standard power (KW)
  • Min. standard power (KW)
Ingersoll Rand


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