Oil-lubricated high pressure trunk-piston compressors, up to 351 bar CN

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Atlas Copco

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Compact, with very low vibration levels and a sealed crankcase, CU/CT/CN compressors are the perfect solution for the compression of air, nitrogen, natural gas, proacessed biogas, hydrogen, noble gases and other industrial gases.

  • A pressure-tight sealed crankcase ensures no emission of gases to the atmosphere

  • Low compression ratios in the individual stages result in low thermal load for high reliability

  • Very compact, frame-mounted and incorporating anti-vibration pads

  • An advanced maintenance concept ensures short downtimes

  • Compliance to ATEX

CN Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

    Atmosphere to 1.35
  • Nominal outlet pressure (bar)

  • Max number of stages

  • Gases handled

    air, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, argon, nitroux oxyde, methane, biomethane
  • Max. standard power (KW)

  • Min. standard power (KW)

  • Capacity FAD (cfm)

  • Capacity FAD (m^3 /h)

    15 - 1700