Oil-free scroll compressors SF 6T (Skid versions – duplex tank mounted)

Atlas Copco’s SF oil-free scroll compressors provide 100% oil-free for critical applications in industries such as R&D laboratories, hospitals, universities, dental applications, food & beverage.

Ref. conditions:

1. Absolute Inlet pressure, 1 bar (14.5 psig)

2. Intake air temperature 20°C (68°F)

  • SF compressors provide 100% pure, clean air, complying with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification.

  • SF units are quiet WorkPlace Air System™ compressors

  • SF scroll compressors are ideal for applications where flexibility and energy efficiency are crucial

  • SF scroll compressors stand for simplicity and reliability

  • The Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure

SF 6T (Skid versions – duplex tank mounted) Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)
  • Installed motor power (kW)
  • Capacity FAD (cfm)
  • Noise level (db(A))
  • Dimensions [L × W × H] (mm)
    2043 x 600 x 1154
  • MAX. working pressure (bar)
  • oil
Atlas Copco


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