Industrial steam turbine SST-500

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The SST-500 is a single casing, double exhaust flow steam turbine, which can be used as an entire drive or as the low-pressure module of a multiple-casing turbo set, directly driven or geared. This turbine, with its capacity to operate over a wide range of speed and power, is ideal for large steam volume flows. Steam flows into the turbine via two tangential inlets to equalize thermal loading and blade stress.

Emergency stop valves and control valves are installed in the steam inlet pipes. The steam flows tangentially into the inner casing and then axially to both exhausts. The customized design of the steam path allows exact adjustment to surpass general physical limitations of the last stage blades. Double-end drive is available, if required, e.g. for booster pump drive.

  • Double exhaust flow

  • Double-casing reheat or non-reheat solution

  • Customized steam path

  • Short delivery time due to extensive pre-design

  • Easy access to mechanical components facilitates maintenance

SST-500 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)

  • Inlet temperature (°C)

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

  • Condensing pressure (bar)

  • District heating pressure (bar)