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Industrial steam turbine SST-400

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The SST-400 is a single casing steam turbine, providing geared or direct drive to 50 and 60 Hz generators, or to compressors and pumps. The symmetrical casing with horizontal joint flange enables the SST-400 to accept short start-up times and rapid load changes.

The modular package design allows a wide variety of configurations to satisfy the customer’s individual needs in the most economical way. The utilization of selected proven components assures high reliability and easy maintenance.

The SST-400 can be equipped with upward, downward or axial exhaust to fit with the selected installation. The turbine skid can be combined with standardized gearbox, oil units, and generators to a turbo set, according to the customer’s needs. The turbine skid and gearbox/oil unit are fully assembled in the workshop before being shipped to the site. Our proven installation and maintenance concept lowers maintenance cost by enabling easy access to the installed components, the turbine, gearbox, and generator.

  • Fast and early layout planning

  • Short delivery time

  • Compact design minimizes space requirements of installation

  • Easy access to mechanical components facilitates maintenance

  • High reliability/availability and efficiency

SST-400 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)

  • Inlet temperature (°C)

  • Back pressure (bar)

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

  • Controlled extraction pressure (bar)

  • Condensing pressure (bar)