SIMOTICS GP General Purpose motors optimized for line operation 1LE1 platform

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General Purpose motors with an aluminum enclosure are suitable for a wide range of standard drive tasks in the industrial environment. The design and architecture of the motors ensure maximum flexibility and minimum installation costs. Users benefit from integral lifting eyes, screw-on feet, reinforced bearing end shields with optimum mechanical properties and easily accessible terminal boxes. Encoders, brakes and separately driven fans can also be easily added. Thanks to their especially low weight, they are predestined for applications in pumps, fans and compressors. But they can also be reliably deployed in conveyor systems and lifting gear.

Overview of the product range

In addition to line motors, two converter-optimized motor lines are available for variable-speed converter operation. You can quickly commission your SIMOTICS GP motors based on the motor code for predefined converter parameters.

The proven SIMOTICS GP (1LE1 platform), optimized for line operation, are available with efficiency classes up to IE4. All motors have the same power - shaft height assignment. As a consequence, the shaft height remains the same whether a motor has to be replaced for service reasons or for retrofit projects. These motors therefore represent a future-proof 1LE1 platform.

1LE1 platform Specifications:

  • Efficiency classes

    IE1 / IE2 / IE3 /IE4 / NEE / NPE
  • frame size

    63 to 200 in all of the usual types of construction
  • Voltage (V)

    For all usual voltages (low voltage)
  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Min speed (rpm)

  • Min No. poles

  • Max No. poles

  • MIN. power (Kw)

  • Max. Power (kW)