SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty motors optimized for converter operation VSD10

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Severe Duty motors with a cast iron enclosure are extremely rugged and therefore the first choice for applications operating under harsh environmental conditions. They do an outstanding job – even with high amounts of dust and vibration levels – as well as in aggressive atmospheres, such as those in the petrochemical industry or in the general process industry. Their design supports optimum motor cooling – and as a result of the modular platform concept, they have the same identical handling as the General Purpose series.

SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty motors (1LE1 platform)

The well proven SIMOTICS SD (1LE1 platform) motors up to motor efficiency class IE4 are available for line operation. By using motors with efficiency class IE4, you can reduce your energy usage by up to 3 % when compared to motors with an IE3 efficiency class. If you decide on the 1LE1 platform, then you can also switch over to IE4 motors at a later point in time as all efficiency classes from IE1 up to IE4 have the same power - shaft height assignment. If you select Severe Duty motors in IE4, then you have chosen a rugged fixed-speed drive based on a future-proof platform.

Motors belonging to the VSD10 and VSD4000 Lines (SIMOTICS reluctance motors) have been designed for variable-speed converter operation. The investment-optimized system comprising SIMOTICS VSD10 motor and SINAMICS converter offers simple selection from the catalog or engineering tool along with fast commissioning based on a motor code with predefined converter parameters. The system comprising SIMOTICS synchronous-reluctance motor and SINAMICS converter is the best choice for especially energy-efficient operation. The synchronous-reluctance technology ensures especially high dynamic performance and high energy efficiency in the partial load range to secure a high process quality.

VSD10 Specifications:

  • No. of poles

    2 / 4
  • Efficiency classes

    IES1/ IES2/EN 50598 / SINAMICS G120, PM240
  • frame size

    100 to 315
  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • MIN. power (Kw)

  • Min speed (rpm)

  • min voltage (V)

  • Max voltage (V)