biomass power plants HKA70

More power, lower fuel consumption and new intelligent control software: the innovative biomass power plant "HKA 70" is the first representative of the new generation of wood-fired CHP units from Spanner Re².

With a turbocharged gas engine, increased heat utilization and a special cooling process, the tried and tested wood gasification technology has been further developed in a highly efficient manner. The HKA 70 is equipped with a synchronous generator as standard, so that the system is started by means of wood gas and no longer powered. This saves costs and ensures safe plant operation even with less stable power grids.

The innovative Re² control system controls the entire plant operation and optimizes runtime stability. The menu structure is reduced to the essentials, which increases operating comfort and makes the control system particularly user-friendly. In addition, the HKA 70 only has one common control cabinet for wood gasifiers and wood gas CHP units. The output of the innovative biomass power plant is around 68 kWel and 123 kWth.

Due to its modular design, the HKA 70 - like the "smaller" wood-fired power plants from Re² - can be combined to increase performance and several biomass power plants can be cascaded.

  • Higher filter surface area, therefore longer service life

  • Electrical efficiency increase of the wood gas CHP

  • Increased heat recovery by reducing exhaust gas temperatures

  • Second cooling circuit for mixture cooling integrated

  • Powerful turbocharged gas engine

HKA70 Specifications:

  • Electric Power (kWe)
  • Thermal Power (kW)
  • Fuel
    Size: G30 bis G40 Water content: < 13 % Fine parts max. (< 4 mm) 30%
  • Fuel Consumption (kg/kWh)
  • Flow Temperature (C)
  • Return Temperature (C)
Spanner Re2

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