SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors for marine applications Marine motors

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SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors (Marine motors)

Going beyond the standard program, sector motors offer a precisely fitting solution to address individual requirements. Every sector has its own requirements when it comes to drive technology. As full-line supplier and based on our many years of experience we precisely understand these requirements. When all is said and done, standard drives from Siemens power almost every industrial sector around the globe.

Full speed ahead

Salt-laden air and high humidities can place a lot of stress on electrical equipment installed in systems on ships and in coastal areas. This is the reason why renowned marine classification societies formulate strict regulations regarding supplementary qualifications also for electric motors. SIMOTICS DP marine motors satisfy the specifications of leading marine classification societies (BV, DNV, GL, LR, RS, KR, ABS, RINA). For example, they are fully adapted to operate at higher ambient temperatures below deck. When required – or if the society`s regulations specify it - a representative of the marine classification society can be present in our factories to formally accept equipment. We also have motors specifically designed for on-deck operation. These have been designed so that they reliably function even when briefly flooded by waves.

  • The type-tested SIMOTICS DP marine motors are available with aluminum or with cast iron enclosure – both in a standard version as well as versions for hazardous zones.

Marine motors Specifications:

  • Power (kW)

    0.37 - 378 with all the usual voltages / Up to 1250 kW with SIMOTICS TN or 1600 kW with SIMOTICS FD
  • frame size

    63 M - 315L in all the usual types of construction / Up to 450 with SIMOTICS TN or SIMOTICS FD
  • Torque (Nm)

    0.61 - 10300
  • Approvals

    Certificates for DNV GL, BV, LRS, RS, KR, ABS and RINA for below-deck applications
  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • MIN. power (Kw)

  • Min speed (rpm)