SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors Roller table motors

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SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors

Going beyond the standard program, sector motors offer a precisely fitting solution to address individual requirements. Every sector has its own requirements when it comes to drive technology. As full-line supplier and based on our many years of experience we precisely understand these requirements. When all is said and done, standard drives from Siemens power almost every industrial sector around the globe.

Powerful drive, extremely rugged – the application defines the optimum product

Today, transport and rolling operations with reversing operation in rolling mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rolls. The mechanical and electrical requirements for a drive differ. To comply with these requirements, our new SIMOTICS DP roller table motors and new SIMOTICS DP steel plant motors have been developed for converter operation.

Roller table and steel mill motors

Rugged, non-ventilated SIMOTICS DP roller table motors are especially suitable to stand up to the very rugged operating conditions in rolling mills, in rolling and transport roller tables, at high ambient temperatures, high humidity levels and scale dust. The torsionally stiff enclosure manufactured out of spheroidal cast iron is especially rugged with respect to mechanical stress. Furthermore, the ring-ribbed enclosure avoids deposits of scale dust.

SIMOTICS DP steel plant motors are available with longitudinal-ribbed enclosures. These are suitable for areas that are less polluted and dirty – as well as for pure line operation. These motors have been designed to cope with medium vibration/shock and polluted areas in the area of transport roller tables.

Both are implemented as fully-enclosed, three-phase induction motors. Torque reserves allow high surge torques of up to 400 %.

  • Very rugged

  • More power

  • More flexibility

Roller table motors Specifications:

  • frame size

    112M - 200L: IM B3, IM B5225M - 400: IM B3
  • Degree of protection

    FS 112M - 200L: IP66 FS 225M 400 IP55, higher degrees of protection optionally available
  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Max Torque (Nm)

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • MIN. power (Kw)

  • Min speed (rpm)

  • Min Torque (NM)