Non-Standard Motors SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled

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Very space-saving and efficient in harsh environments

The SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled is a new motor which as a result of its optimized cooling concept, has been made even more compact. They are used in the widest range of industry sectors - such as oil & gas, paper, chemical industry or steel. In these sectors, they are used to drive compressors, blowers, refiners, crushers and air separation systems. At the same time, the SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled is predestined for extreme installation locations as dirty, aggressive and salt-laden air is reliably prevented from entering the motor. Additional optimization has also resulted in a low weight design, even quieter operation and a further improved vibrational behavior, which ensures smooth operation and in turn maximum service life for the plant or system.

  • Valuable space is freed up for applications where space is restricted, e.g. onboard ships and offshore platforms

  • Completely insensitive with respect to pollution, chemicals and salt mist

  • Lower transport and installation costs

  • Extremely long lifetime as a result of the optimized temperature distribution

  • Further optimized work conditions as a result of the very quiet operation

SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled Specifications:

  • Degree of protection
    IP55 – IP66
  • Cooling method
    IC71 W
  • Operating mode
    VSD / DOL
  • Min Shaft height (mm)
  • Max Shaft height (mm)
  • Min No. poles
  • Max No. poles
  • Max power (MW)
  • min voltage (V)
  • Max voltage (V)


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